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SEVENEVES by Neal Stephenson

Neal Stephenson intrigues me. When I read Cryptonomicon I was totally hooked by both the subject of cryptography and the thriller/suspense plot. But then the Baroque Cycle came out- a three part series about the history of science and philosophy. … Continue reading

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Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan

Anna Kerrigan is twelve years old when she first meets Dexter Styles. At the time she was awed by his home by the sea, and felt the undercurrents of something unnamed but menacing between Dexter and her father. Years later … Continue reading

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Go: A Coming of Age Novel by Kazuki Kaneshiro, Translated by Takami Nieda

This novel about a young man of Korean ethnicity growing up in Japan was written in 2000 but its message could not be more prescient or apt to our own current political and social situation. It is a novel about … Continue reading

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