The Flame Bearer by Bernard Cornwell

If you are a fan of Cornwell’s Saxon Tale’s series or started watching The Last Kingdom, a Netflix series based on these books you are going to be thrilled with this book, which is number ten in this series. I am not quite sure how Cornwell does it but each book, gets better. With each passing book we understand Uhtred, the pagan Saxon, who became the the military leader for the Christian king, Alfred, and who despite his reservations internalized Alfred’s dream of unifying the kigdoms of Britain. There are also the details on how people lived, insights into the characters minds and emotions, and the complicated politics of that time as well as the amazing battle scenes which no one does those better than Cornwell!

Uhtred is getting old. His son, named for his father, is almost ready to be a warrior. It is a time of uneasy peace in Britain now with a truce between Northcumbria and Mercia.  If Uhtred is going to get back his rightful home of Bebbanburg, he needs to do it now or he may never have an opportunity again.  But even as he prepares to challenge his uncle who took his inheritance, he begins to receive numerous reports of strange occurrences which threaten the precarious peace of Britain’s kingdoms. Uhtred soon realizes that the person behind these threats to peace is Constantin of Scotland, who has now besieged Bebbanburg in an attempt to keep Uhtred from entering the coming battle between his forces and those of the northern kingdoms of Britain. Constantin’s terms are simple: Stay out of the fight until I have what I want and then I will give you Bebbanburg.

Caught between honor and desire, Uhtred must negotiate his way carefully, or he will lose all that he has worked for thus far.

Brenda’s Rating: *****(5 Out of 5 Stars)

Recommend this book to: Marian and Keith

Book Study Worthy: Yes

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