Two Kinds of the Truth by Michael Connelly

These books by Michael Connelly about Detective Bosch are some of my favorite detective novels. Bosch is both noble and broken.  He is a great detective but terrible at relationships. He has trouble realting to his daughter, his half brother, his former partner, and most of all the powers that be in the police department. He has burned more bridges than there are bridges in California, and yet he is scrupulous, meticulous and unafraid of where the facts will lead as an investigator.

In this installment we find that Bosch is working cold cases for the San Fernando Police Department, in exile from the LAPD for misconduct. There he works in the storage room, trying to bring justice to the victims of cases that have been forgotten. But when there is a double murder at a local drugstore, Bosch is called in to add his expertise and experience to find who killed the owners of the pharmacy-an immigrant father and son who seemed to dispense an unusually large number of opioid perscriptions.

Meanwhile, a man who Bosch put away for murder many years ago suddenly claims that he was wrongfully accused, charged and convicted and purports to have evidence to prove it. With his support in the LAPD weak to none, Busch must defend himself with little outward support from his former colleagues.  What is even more problematic is that if he cannot defend himself and put the doubts to rest, this allegation could call into question all of the other cases that Bosch worked on as well.

With two cases with so much at stake, Bosch is pushed to the limits while he learns that there are two kind of truth: one that sets you free and one that keeps you buried in darkness.

Brenda’s Rating: ****(4 Out of 5 Stars)

Recommend this book to: Sharon and Marian

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1 Response to Two Kinds of the Truth by Michael Connelly

  1. Trish Nemore says:

    Pat and I enjoy reading to each other and Michael Connelly is a perfect author for such reading. We enjoyed this book as we drove to and from the Carolinas in June. Harry Bosch is a great character and this story was so nicely woven together.

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