Exit West by Mohsin Hamid

In an unnamed country in the midst of civil unrest, two young people meet. Fiercely independent, modern and sensual, Nadia, and gentle, protective and reserved, Saeed.  Two people who are drawn to each other by the very things that are different about the other. Furtively they pursue this attraction, but even as their love blooms, the world around them is dissolving into the chaos of civil war, making it impossible to keep their love a secret any longer and prematurely forcing it into the open.

With the war surrounding them, Saeed and Nadia begin investigating the rumors of doors that open into lands far from the fighting- places where they can make a new life. They pay an agent and when the time comes, they step through the door full of expectations for a new life. But this is not the end, just the beginning of Saeed and Nadia’s story. For as Hamid so rightly points out:

Every time a couple moves they begin, if their attention is still drawn to each other, to see each other differently, for personalities are not a single immutable color, like white or blue, but rather illuminated screens, and the shades we reflect depend much on what is around us.

Hamid has taken the immigrant story and has given us new insights into what it takes to leave the only life you know, and to go somewhere new to start over again. It is a story of what you take with you and what becomes important to you once you get there. A story about what haunts you from the place you left behind and what you fully embrace in the present. Hamid explores all these questions and more, in his gentle but insightful prose. This is a gem of a book; shining with authenticity and deep insights into the human struggle to find a place to call home and reminding us that, “[w]e are all migrants through time.”

Brenda’s Rating: *****(5 out of 5 Stars)

Recommend this book to: Keith, Marian, Lauren, Sharon and Ken

Book study Worthy? YES!!

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1 Response to Exit West by Mohsin Hamid

  1. Sherri Alms says:

    This is one of my most favorite books for the reasons you described. Gem indeed.

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