After the Wedding!

I missed my regular posting day on Friday because we were decorating the church. Now that the wedding is over and I have a little bit of time, I thought I would update you with some pictures!

All those bins on the dining room table turned into this!  Those are origami cranes hanging from the ceiling.









The bouquet for the bride.


And now that the wedding is over, my dining table looks like this!



It was a joyous, lovely, amazing, wonderFULL, exhausting day. It may take me a few days to recover but I hope to have a regular book review posting this Friday.


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2 Responses to After the Wedding!

  1. Ken Burton says:

    Oh. I had assumed all along that you had weeks of reviews written ahead and that they were releasted one at a time by an app on Fridays, except for the non-review “reviews” like the above. So color me just slightly disallusioned 🙂 The myth of Brenda, lawyer-pastor-mother-wife-
    reviewer-translator-JCC (Japanese Cultural Consultant) is just a bit tarnished.

    • June says:

      Brenda, you were amazing, and your daughter was gorgeous. The thousand cranes were a perfect decoration, beautiful AND giving the peace message on whatever level one looks. Hope you’re resting well today–and glad you’re not on the hike to the waterfall with everyone (except Karen and me.)

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