Wedding Central-Eight More Days to the Big Day!

Usually I try to get my book reviews done ahead of time when I know that I am going to be busy.  But this time,  preparing for the June 30 wedding of Daughter Number 2, things just got away from me and I realized I was just not going to be able to get my blog done for this week. Instead I simply offer you this photo, as proof of the vast amount of work that has been done thus far and is now sitting in my dining room waiting to be unleashed at the church where I hope to see many of you at the wedding in only 8 days! GASP!




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3 Responses to Wedding Central-Eight More Days to the Big Day!

  1. Marian says:


  2. Ken Burton says:

    Are you sure that table is strong enough to support all that stuff? I mean, just because Lauren is getting married is no reason to damage your dining room table (prioroties, and all that!)

  3. Nancy Lawrence says:

    Your photo encourages me to ask about bringing our wedding gift to church this Sunday for you to add to those already in your dining room. I’ve been planning to wrap and mail it to Lauren/Jeff today or tomorrow. Please advise.
    Meanwhile, do stop and take 3 deep breaths as you can in this next 8 days! It’s going to be so very lovely and meaning-full.

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