The Nowhere Man by Gregg Hurwitz

Evan Smoak was trained in the Orphan program; a government funded off-the-books program that created deniable assets, or assassins. But after a particularly bad mission, he left the program feeling betrayed by his trainer, the program and his government. Hiding in plain sight, Evan begins to help desparate people who need his particular skills to deal with their difficult problems and quickly becomes known as the Nowhere Man. The rules are this: Evan will help solve your problem and then once the problem is resolved, payment is made in the form of a referral to one other person who is also in trouble and needs the services of the Nowhere Man. Evan likes the work, and by being careful and not making too many waves, he believes that he can avoid the searching eyes of his former employer.

In his newest case he must save a woman who has been kidnapped and placed in a container on a container ship heading for Miami.  It is just the sort of thing  he needs to keep up his skills.  Relishing the challenge Evan begins implementing his rescue plan when he is captured, drugged and  kidnapped. When he wakes up he finds himself in a  lodge in a remote area in the mountains surrounded by snow.  He doesn’t know where he is or even if he is in the US., Canada, or somewhere in Europe. On top of that his captor seems to think Evan is an arms dealer who will provide the materiel he wants to close an important multi billion dollar deal.

With the clock ticking and lives in balance, Evan must find a way to escape from his captor, find out who is behind his kidnapping and rescue the woman on the container ship. This will be his hardest mission yet!

Sometimes you just need an escapist book and this series is entertaining, (even if a little bit over the top,) has an engaging character and intricate and thrilling plots! So on those days when you just can’t stand to read one more thing that is literary, challenging, and vaguely guilt inducing this is the antidote! Enjoy!

Brenda’s Rating:  *** (3 Out of 5 Stars)

Recommend this book to: Sharon and Marian

Book Study Worthy? nahhh…

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