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This Is Why I Came by Mary Rakow

Some books just surprise you by their simplicity and power. The simple poetic prose and new insights into texts weary with the weight of thousands of years of analysis are what astonished me in this lovely meditative book by Rakow. … Continue reading

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The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen

Sometimes you have complicated feelings about a book. I certainly do about this Pulitzer Prize winning novel about the Vietnam War narrated by a Vietnamese communist sleeper agent. Wonderfully written, dark, evocative, satirical and suspenseful; there is much to savor … Continue reading

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When Books Light up the Silver Screen- An occasional Post

Books don’t always stay in print form. In fact I think more people “read” books by watching movies or TV than we might realize. The transformation of books to the screen is not without its challenges, however. There have been … Continue reading

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