Catmas Carols by Laurie Loughlin and other Christmas Traditions

Christmas is almost here! Here are a few suggestions to add to your Christmas frivolity, just in case you need some help in thinking about how to keep your family and friends entertained!

One of the things I have noticed over the years is that often the funnest things on Christmas Day have nothing to do with presents, but rather what we do together.  For example,a few years ago my sister introduced us to a small little book called Catmas Carols. catmas_ Loughlin, the author, has creatively re imagined the words of the Christmas carols as if they were being sung by cats! So for example “Oh Come All Ye Faithful” becomes “Oh Come All Ye Furfull” or “The First Noel” becomes “The First Meow!” The hilarious lyrics are best of course when they are sung out loud with passion and dignity. Which my sister and I do, and soon everyone is laughing and cracking up! (We hope they are laughing at the lyrics and not our singing ability!) This a great addition to Christmas Day, after the presents are open and people are wondering what else there is to do. It is also a perfect way to get rid of guests who have out stayed their welcome!

The other thing our family has done over the years is put a puzzle together. We find that gathering around the table looking for the right piece often stimulates deep conversations, or just gives us something we can all do together. Over the years we have added to our collection of puzzles so we now have quite a few to choose from. Interestingly it seems like cats are also prominently featured in this tradition, with “Piece-ful Slumber” pieceful-slumber_as an example of one of the many puzzles we have put together over the years. Our nieces and nephew are just now getting to that age where they are appreciating puzzles, so this year I got a special glow in the dark puzzle which I hope will appeal to the younger generation. (Shhhhh! Don’t tell them!)

Our most recent tradition is to read aloud from the annual Hater’s Guide to the William Sonoma Catalog.  This is a must read for all who question the wisdom of buying into this catalog of consumerist perfection where every table is set with a tartan tablecloth trimmed with grossgrain ribbon and the place settings that look straight out of Downton Abbey! This is an online offering at: which takes the best or worst (depending on how you look at it!) catalog entries and skewers them for their tone deafness to the reality of most people’s lives. From $1,000 chicken coops to Gingerbread Mug Toppers (yes, that is a thing!) Drew Magary the author of this parody, takes on this ultimate consumerist vision of the world and calls for some sanity. Warning: Magary does use some pretty naughty language occasionally so this is not something to read out loud around young children! But after bedtime for the little ones, with a cocktail (or two) this parody on bought perfection can go down pretty smoothly along with a lot of giggles and laughter.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and/or Holiday Season! It has been my pleasure to share my thoughts with you on the books I have read for almost 4 years now, and I want to thank you, my readers, who have been following me over the course of these years!






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1 Response to Catmas Carols by Laurie Loughlin and other Christmas Traditions

  1. June says:

    Great piece, BRENDA. Esp like the puzzle together idea. Have a wonderful Christmas, you precious branch of our Family!

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