The Promise by Robert Crais

The Promise_Elvis Cole was hired to find Amy Breslyn who has vanished.  She had recently lost her son, a rising journalist who was killed in a terrorist bombing incident overseas.  Although she was grieving she seemed to be coping with this tragedy until one day she didn’t show up for work. Cole’s client, a co-worker, is understandably concerned but is extremely secretive, insisting they meet in parking lots all over the city and has extracted a promise to keep the fact that she is a client a secret.

Cole has few leads but one of them takes him to a house in Echo Park. After knocking on the door and getting no response, Cole sits in his car reviewing his files, hoping that someone might show up. Suddenly an LAPD helicopter flies low overhead.  Soon there are police cars blocking the roads in a three block radius of where Cole is parked and he can see police swarming through the streets blocking them off.  Cole gets out of his car and one of the neighbors comes out to see what all the commotion is about.  Cole asks him about the house but learns only that there have been various renters but nobody fitting the description of the a man named Lerner who supposedly knew the woman he his supposed to find.  Suddenly, the police converge on the very house that Cole was looking into, and Cole sees a K-9 team in pursuit of a man who exited from that house. Thinking it might be the person he is looking for, Cole joins the chase, but the man eludes them and disappears. While walking back to the house, Cole introduces himself to the K-9 officer, Scott James and his dog Maggie, and Scott tells him that he saw the man who exited the house and can identify him, but he looks nothing like the man Cole is trying to find.  Arriving back at the house they find that the police have discovered a stash of explosives, guns and a dead body and suddenly this missing persons case has taken a much more complicated turn.

As Cole tries to dodge the suspicions of the LAPD and the FBI as to what he was doing in that neighborhood, the man that Scott saw exiting the house decides that he must clean up loose ends and targets Scott and his dog for elimination.  Fearing for his life and the life of his dog Maggie, Scott tries to tread a very fine line between obeying orders to stay away from Cole and wanting Cole’s help in finding out who is trying to kill them.

This was a great book! It was fun to see Scott and Maggie again after their debut in Suspect and to see their interaction with Cole and Pike as they try to find out who is trying to kill them. In the meantime, Cole becomes aware that his missing persons case may somehow related to the explosives found in the house and that he may be involved in something much bigger than he had anticipated. Crais is in great form, keeping the suspense taut and slowly unraveling the complicated plot lines to a satisfying conclusion!

Brenda’s Rating: **** (4 Out of 5 Stars)

Recommend this book to: Marian, Lauren, Sharon and Ken

Book Study Worthy: Sure

Read in ebook format.

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