A Circle of Wives by Alice LaPlante

A Circle of Wives_Dr. John Taylor, a renowned plastic surgeon who specialized in treating disfigured children is found dead in a hotel room under suspicious circumstances. Detective Samantha Adams, of Palo Alto, whose work usually entails nothing more complicated than stolen bicycles or other petty crimes is assigned to the case and begins her investigation.  She quickly finds that beyond his brilliant work as a surgeon, John Taylor has a very complicated life-he was married to three different women who lived in three different cities in California!

Deborah, his first wife, knew of the other two wives, MJ and Helen, and managed John’complicated schedule, even making arrangements for his vacations with the other wives. But it is only at John’s funeral that the three women are actually introduced to each other for the first time. As Samantha pursues the leads that emerge around John’s final hours, and interviews the three women in his life, she finds her task complicated by the differences in their perception of John and the tangled web of deceit and secrets he maintained in order to sustain his unusual lifestyle.

LaPlante uses an inventive method of telling this story by having the three wives and Samantha tell it chapter by chapter from their own perspectives. She ably captures each woman’s voice and character in such a away that you are drawn to each of them even though they are very different and distinctive.  It was also fascinating to see their different perspectives on John and the differences in personality and character which he exhibited when he was with each one. Samantha comes into her own as she pursues this case, standing up to her boss as she follows every last clue until she finally get the resolution she needs. A page turner from the very beginning, this is a great beach read!

Brenda’s Rating: ***1/2 (3 1/2 Stars out of 5)

Recommend this book to: Sharon and Marian

Book Study Worthy: No

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