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11/22/63 by Stephen King

There are quite a few people who relegate anything written by Stephen King as “horror” and therefore will not read it, which to my mind is a big mistake!  11/22/63 his most recent book couldn’t be farther from the horror … Continue reading

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Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Sometimes you are surprised by a book. It takes you on a journey that you never expected and when it ends leaves you wondering how you ended up at this point rather than the one you anticipated when you opened … Continue reading

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Manhunt by Peter Bergen

A little while after the 9/11 Commission released its’ report in 2004, I saw a review of it in the Washington Post and was interested that they found it ‘highly readable,” unlike many such reports which are dry and incomprehensible.  … Continue reading

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The Man in the High Castle by Philip Dick

Philip Dick is an author I have liked for a long time without having read any of his books.  I have seen many of his works as movies, like Blade Runner, Total Recall ( a remake of which is in … Continue reading

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