Welcome to my World of Books!

Welcome! This is a blog about my reading life; a place for me to share some of my reflections and insights about the books I  read with the hope that my sharing will make it easier for you to find a great book to read!

I love reading! The magic of being taken into another world, another place, another time, and in the process getting deeper insights about relationships, values, culture and life has always been fascinating to me.  Over time I have developed a wide ranging and rather eclectic taste for books of many styles, types and genres.  My family and friends often ask me for recommendations for books, but it is often hard to recommend books which might appeal to their varied and different tastes.   I also have a hard time keeping track of what I have read. I do keep a list but it would be so much better to have a little bit more content besides title and author, to remind me of what I thought of a book and whether it is worthy of being recommended to someone else.  So it occurred to me that it might be helpful to create a blog where I could describe and rate books that I have read, and that then you, the reader, can decide for yourself what you might like to read!

In addition to rating the books that I review with a five star rating, I thought it might be helpful to recommend books to particular people in my life who are always looking for something new to read. These personal recommendations may be helpful to others as well who might find themselves with similar interests and styles of reading. Let me introduce you to them!

My sister Sharon is a mom-on-the-go.  She reads on her phone and so she is constantly picking up and putting down what she is reading at the doctor’s office, or while waiting for the school bus.  She is enjoys thrillers or police procedurals but also likes historical fiction or historical non-fiction that has a strong plot line and can sustain her interest through her busy days.  She also enjoys books that have a spiritual content to them that she uses for reflection and to keep her grounded in her busy life.

Keith, my husband, likes books that are soulful.  He mostly reads at night before he goes to bed, so he needs books that can be read for just a short amount of time but aren’t too exciting so he can’t get to sleep!  He also needs books for when we go on vacation- something that he can read on the plane or at the beach when he has a nice chunk of time to get deeply involved in a book. Keith even likes the occasional magical realism, i.e. John Irving, which I do not like, so there are some books that he loves that I just can’t get my head around.  Opposites attract, right?

Daughter Number 1, Marian, likes a wide variety of books but right now she needs something to keep her entertained as she commutes on the subway in New York. She generally likes thrillers, sci-fi/fantasy, general fiction from around the world and even some good historic fiction. She also enjoys interesting economic and social science books for main stream readers.

Daughter Number 2, Lauren, loves fantasy books! She also likes fiction from other countries and non-fiction books about social and psychological trends.  She does not usually like thrillers or police procedurals  but has begun to explore more general fiction, especially fiction that has an interesting psychological component.

Ken, my bother in law, always asks me to recommend books when he goes on vacation.  He travels a lot since he is a social studies teacher and so I often recommend books that I have read about the countries he is visiting.

I will also let you know if I feel a book lends itself to a book club or book study.  Some of these books I have used in book studies and have developed some book study questions that I will be able to share with you at the end of the post.

I hope that you will find these book reviews entertaining and that you will find many new and wonderful books to explore!

Happy Reading!

Brenda Seat

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5 Responses to Welcome to my World of Books!

  1. Leroy Seat says:

    Brenda, welcome to the blogosphere! I look forward to reading about the books you read and recommend.

  2. Margaret Mulligan says:

    Hi Brenda. You are always one or two steps ahead of me when it comes to reading the latest good read. I too am looking forward to hearing about the books you recommend.

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  4. Marcia says:

    Hi Brenda. . . I love your blog. I will have to download a couple of these books you recommended – what do you do when you read a bad book?. You are such a good writer and reviewer. I look forward to seeing you next year at Mayan Beach Garden – say Hi! to Keith.

    • bseat says:

      Thanks, Marcia…glad you like it! Keith asked me the same question, so I wrote a blog about a book review on a book that had potential but didn’t quite make the grade for next week…so you will see that. But generally I like most of the books I read, since I am interested in so many things and styles of writing.

      We miss you guys already! Thanks so mich for making our stay feel so much like coming home!


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